Footy Owner

Take your team to the very top!


Take ownership of a club of your choice and develop the club how you want.


Make life easy and select an established club with superior finances, excellent facilities and a squad of talented players or really challenge yourself select a lower league club with limited funds, poor facilities and limited squad depth and ability! Can you develop a small local club into one of the world’s biggest clubs?


As owner it’s up to you how you run the club. Perhaps sell your best players and invest in youth development to ensure the long-term future of the club? Or simply buy the best players you can afford and make a charge for promotion? Or play it safe and slowly develop the club stadium and fan base to generate more cash before pushing for promotion?


It’s up to you but remember to balance the books otherwise it’s all over! Can you manage the club finances whilst delivering a successful team? Prove it…


Get the game here, it's free to try!!!

Want To Create Your Own Football Owner Decorator File?


We've put together an example template package which explains how to build a .dec file which can be imported into Football Owner. This mean you can change the team, league and player names, club icons and more! Yes, no more crappy team names and made-up logos!!!


Download the template package here. Extract the file and have a look at the read me file.


Any questions or problems send a mail to Happy updating.


Import .dec Files Into Football Owner.


If you've created your own .dec file or received one from a friend you'll need to import this into Football Owner. Fortunately it's very easy.


1) e-mail the GameDownload.dec as an attachment to yourself.

2) open the mail with the attached file on your iPhone. (you may have to tap the file to actually download it).

3) once downloaded, tap the GameDownload.dec file. It will open a screen similar to the one below. Tap "Open in Footy Owner".



4) Football Owner will open and attempt to import the .dec file. If successful you should see a message similar to below(first image). You can then select "News & Data" from the Football Owner main menu and you'll see you now have a decorator file loaded as shown in the image below(second image). If not successful, it will detail why the file was rejected and you should check the read me file from the template package above to identify why it was rejected.

5) Finally, start a new game and ensure you de-select the "Random Teams & Players" option since this will force the game to use the decorator file you just loaded.


The game will now be using the new logos and data!!!


Any questions or problems send a mail to Happy updating.


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